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Team Rules

Each team member must fill out and sign a waiver. It can be uploaded, emailed or brought with you on the day of the race. 

Team Rules

  1. Race officials have final say on all aspects of the race, especially safety.
  2. All teams will start and finish together, as a team.
  3. Team members may NOT move on to the next obstacle until all team members have navigated the current one or have attempted and abandoned the obstacle with applicable penalties.
  4. All team members will be a minimum age of 14 and a minimum of one adult over the age of 19 per team.
  5. Every team member must maneuver through each obstacle properly to be qualified for competition.
  6. Team members may assist each other across/through any obstacle. Team members assisting must have properly completed the obstacle prior to assisting team mates.
  7. No hostile contact with other teams will be tolerated.
  8. No interference with other teams’ navigation over or through obstacles.
  9. No objects can be carried or picked up along the course to assist in crossing obstacles.
  10. Each team must designate a captain.  Team captains will ensure all team mates have assigned race numbers on and numbers are visible throughout the race.
  11. Teams will observe all safety requirements while attempting to complete course.


  1. Do not grab course stakes.
  2. Do not grab tape, which marks the Muddy ACCE Race course.
  3. Get out of the way of faster teams.  You should have prepared yourself better for the Muddy ACCE Race!!
  4. If you cannot complete an obstacle, accept the penalty.  Nothing is worth getting hurt over.
  5. Follow all signs, markings and directions given by staff while on course.  If staff tells you to stop negotiating an obstacle, then stop for your safety.
  6. Leave all jewelry at home.  Rings can cause “degloving” of fingers.
  7. Leave wildlife alone. They might hurt you.
  8. Think SAFETY and Good Luck!
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Your family and friends are welcome at no charge to the Muddy ACCE Race. The majority of the course is open for them. • They are required to follow some basic rules on the course.
• No interference with any team’s navigation of the course or obstacles.
• They will not negotiate, climb, or place their bodies in any way on any of the Muddy ACCE Race obstacles.
• Any pets will be on a leash and under the control of an adult.
• Clean up any debris left by your pet.
• No outside coolers are to be brought into the event.
Tailgating is permitted in designated areas only.


Any team member unable to complete an obstacle will trigger a penalty to the team of 3 minutes, which will be added to the team’s final time. The penalty applies to each team member not completing an obstacle. For example, if 2 team members do not complete an obstacle, the penalty is 6 minutes.